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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And If The Train's On-Time You Can Get To Work By Nine

Well, it's now official, so technically I'm not "spilling the beans" as it were.

My office is moving this fall, mid-October to be precise, to lower CapHill. I cut a check for the deposit late last week, and aside from a few details to hash out in the lease agreement, we're pretty close to signing. The landlord has been very accomodating, agreeing to some specific build-outs we've requested at no additional cost to us, as well as to holding the space for us for several months (which gives him time to contract the interior work), until our current lease expires at the end of October.  And because of the super-depressed commercial real-estate market, we're getting a pretty good deal: a little over $12 / fs all-inclusive, which means once some additional costs of janitorial and parking are factored in we'll still be saving roughly $600 a month in rent.  That makes our board happy, will no doubt make our accounting staff in L.A  very happy, and should make our national staff estatic (once they hear about it), since they've been hammering the notion of "cost savings" into our collective heads in anticipation of the new Fiscal Year which started May 1st.

I'm particularly happy about the move, since the new space is less than a mile and a-half from my apartment, with the added bonus that the theatre is directly on the route at almost exactly the half-way point between the two, which means I'll be able to walk to work most days, although I figure it will essentially double my commute time from 15 to 30 minutes.

Can you say "ridiculously convenient?". I knew you could.

There is also the added benefit of actually being in the immediate vicinity of such basic amenities as: a post office (2 blocks), my bank (3 blocks), a branch of my office's bank (4 blocks), a grocery store (5 blocks), not to mention innumerable coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, and other retail establishments. In short, I'll be working in a real, functioning urban environment, making it a vast improvement over our current office, which, while located on a major arterial, is not really close to anything of consequence (aside from a 7-Eleven three blocks away).

The new office is also practically within spitting-distance of our TV news units, which are concentrated around the edges of the Seattle Center, and will also put us within a two mile radius of roughly half our membership, either from where they live or work, which means we'll be much more accessible to them, and as a result (we hope) we'll be able to attract many more members into the office for meetings, social events, workshops, seminars, and the like.

And for those not within close range, we're on convenient bus routes from downtown, and will be a mere three blocks away from the new Capitol Hill light rail station, which means we'll be literally within public transit distance from just about anywhere in the county by the time the station opens in 2016.

Scheduled move-in date is mid-October, and we hope to be fully up-and-running by November 1st.

Not bad so far as birthday presents from your employer go.

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Posted byCOMTE on 1:56 PM

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