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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everything Will Always Be Alright When We Go Shopping

After helping strike "Blind Spot" last night, I cut out early from the aprez closing party, because I had to be back at the theatre bright and early to facilitate the moving of a large platform we're loaning to a neighboring company.

Unfortunately, I woke up about two hours before I needed to, and despite an hours worth of tossing and turning couldn't fall back asleep, so got a very early start to the day.

After the platform transfer was completed, I headed up to Fremont for some breakfast and a visit to the Fremont Sunday Market, a combination of urban farmers' market, flea market, craft fare, and art walk all rolled into one.

While I was wandering around, I ran into a local filmmaker acquaintance who was sitting behind a table upon which were approximately 50 old-fashioned seltzer bottles; so old-fashioned they didn't even have the contemporary Nitrous injector nozzle. He explained he'd recently "cornered the market on all the seltzer bottles in Texas" (which didn't seem like an exaggeration), and was selling them off for $15 or $20 apiece. "I've got a guy who's fixing me up with a bottle charger", he explained, "and I'm hoping to eventually be able to start a seltzer-delivery service! If that doesn't work out, well, I'm going to have one heck of a cool kitchen appliance!"

Now, anyone who knows Web, or has seen any of his work, knows he has a fascination with mechanical objects, and a decidedly steampunk aesthetic (this is, after all, a guy who created his own army of civic-minded rocketmen), so it really doesn't surprise me in the least that he'd want to own his own water carbonizing machine.

After the market, I think I hit just about every thrift store in town; not really looking for anything in particular, just checking things out, which is an activity I like to indulge in every once in awhile. I did pick up a couple of things, and strangely most of today's purchases fell into the jewelry category; strange, because I usually don't much go in much for that kind of thing. I've always worn a watch of some sort - nothing special there - and of course, my comedy & tragedy mask ear piercing has been pretty much a permanent fixture for about nine years now (although the ear itself has had a hole in it for roughly 20), and the past couple of years I've sported a silver "Celtic braid" ring, replacing a gold signet ring I lost at a theatre retreat about five years ago. And that's it. I have some tie clips and bars, a few sets of cuff links which see occasional use, and a bracelet or two which I never wear; the sparkly-sparkly has just never really been my "thing". But today, I ended up purchasing a silver comedy-tragedy money clip, as well as a set of silver cuff links with matching tie bar in the same motif (what can I say, it's a theatre theme, how could I resist?) But, then I topped even these with the purchase of a Titanium ring - yeah, kind of like the one Bruce Willis (excuse me, Ed Harris - what WAS I thinking?) wore in "The Abyss".

I mean, I'm not expecting to get my hand stuck in a malfunctioning pressure-door any time soon, so I can only chalk it up to a whim - and maybe a bit of latent post-Valentine's Day doldrums? - because it definitely doesn't fit into my normal shopping pattern.

The area rug I bought for my kitchen, and the replacement lights for The Theatre's "Exit" signs - that was more like normal shopping...

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Posted byCOMTE on 6:14 PM

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