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Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's A Real Beauty, A Mexican Cutie

So, here's the result of two hours of my time yesterday at the neighborhood inkery:

(This is on the back of the left calf)

(And this is what it looks like from the front)

Technically, there should be an additional black stripe, in order to delineate a fifth "white" stripe, as appears on our logo, but Michael at Super Genius Tattoo, who did the work was concerned that crowding an extra black stripe into the image wouldn't leave sufficient room for the other "white" stripes to stand out. I may go in and have another black stripe added at some point in time, but given the fact that this was the most uncomfortable (read: painful) of the inkings I've had done to-date, I think I'll hold off on that for a bit.

I'd been thinking about getting another tattoo for quite some time (apparently, like potato chips, once you start, it's hard to stop), and had several ideas kicking around in my head, but after doing some research, and trying to develop some more specific graphic designs, I quickly realized most of what I envisioned would be: A.) time-consuming; and B.) VERY expensive.

Taking a different tack, I considered doing something that would be graphically simple, yet rather bold. I'd been thinking about doing a "tribal" for some time, but wasn't really interested in the Celtic or Chinese or Indian types of designs that most people usually associate with that type of tattoo, since, in my mind at least, they don't really serve the innate purpose of identifying ones self with a particular social group; they're just generic, and I suppose most people like them because of their association with more exotic or primitive cultures. But, unless you happen to actually BE from one of those "tribes", the association is ersatz and essentially meaningless, especially if everybody and their kid sister is sporting a similar image.

So, this line of reasoning naturally begged the question: "what exactly IS my 'tribe'?" And that, for me, is pretty easy to answer: "Theatre, of course." That's where 90% of my friends and social acquaintances reside, and where most of my creative passion is invested. But, even more specifically, Annex Theatre has been my artistic "home" for longer than any other company; even when I've wandered off to work at other theatres, it's been the one place I felt I could always return to, and where, no matter how long I'd been away, or what else I'd been doing, it has always been the place where I've felt most welcome, and where my contributions, as small or great as they may have been in the larger scheme of things, were always (and continue to be) appreciated.

And so, yeah. I put the Annex Theatre logo, the "fighting 'A'", on the back of my leg. Several people who heard of my intention, or who have seen the end product have mentioned the word "branding", and in a technical sense, I suppose they're correct. But, that's what I at least consider the entire point of sporting a "tribal" tattoo in the first place.

After all, if you're going to identify yourself with a tribe, it should at least be one that actually exists.

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Posted byCOMTE on 11:23 AM

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