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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And She's Always Gone Too Long Anytime She Goes Away

Well, summer officially ended about 1:30 this morning with the sudden arrival of thunderbolts and lighting, and lots of rain, synchronistically timed to the end of the Labor Day Weekend. The lightning was bright enough to wake me from a sound sleep, although strangely I can't recall hearing any thunder.

So, now the kids are going back to school, the burners are bedraggledly returning from the playa, the days are becoming noticeably shorter (and darker), the daytime temperatures are starting to creep downward (although we might be in for a bit of a "last gasp" in the mid-70's for the weekend), the leaves are turning color and already dropping to the ground, and the squirrels are busy stashing away as much winter fodder as they can; all signs that Fall is here, regardless of the fact that the official transition is still several weeks away.

Progress on the theatre continues apace. On Sunday we began the process of transitioning the stage from a work/storage area to a performance venue in anticipation of our first public performance this Friday evening. Drapes have been hung; basic lights and sound systems installed; carpets cleaned; the bar/lounge area configured. Much of it is only temporary, since we will need to disassemble anything in the ceiling once we begin the sound mitigation in-earnest, but it's enough to allow performers to be seen and heard, and for audiences to sit and watch.

This weekend also heralded our annual arts fest where I spent the entire day on Saturday. Aside from the plethora of musical acts (most of which I am apparently "too old to recognize"), I did get a chance to see a few friends perform in some theatrical settings, including a great installation piece done in conjunction with a Canadian arts collective, Instant Coffee.

Yesterday was the Annual King County Labor Council Labor Day picnic, which seemed to have a rather light turnout this year, perhaps due in part to the weather forecast (which again, conveniently held off until well after dark), as well as the fact this is an off-year for local elections. Still, it was a pleasant, and relaxing way to spend an afternoon, although I felt a teensy bit quesey for part of the day after having donated blood; mostly it was just a psychosomatic reaction (I HATE - repeat - HATE needles!), in addition, no doubt to the effects of mild dehydration, as well as a proscription against caffeine intake, which always gets my cranky on to a certain extent. Still, every time I go in for a blood draw, it does get a little easier to confront the phobia, and of course the med techs are always top-notch, professional, and reassuring to a fault. Pluse, I had the added bonus of learning that my blood pressure has dropped significantly since my last check-up in March; presumably thanks to my moderate exercise program, I've gone from a BP of 124/82 (considered "High Normal") down to 116/72, which is smack-dab in the middle of "Normal Range", and my resting heart-rate is now 62, down from a previous rate of 70. So, that's all to the good, and I'm hoping my next check-up shows a commensurate decrease in cholesterol levels.

We'll see.

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Posted byCOMTE on 10:56 AM

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