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Monday, October 23, 2006

I Would Have Walked Head On Into The Deep End Of The River

Took a couple extra days off from work last week, trying to burn off some vacation time before it gets too close to the end of the year, now that I'm in a "use it or lose it" situation.

Spent Thursday afternoon with my friend Colleen, one of the few people I've managed to stay in contact with from my grad school days at WWU. Even though we don't see each other all that often, we've kept in phone contact at least, although even by our standards it had been quite awhile since last we got together - more than a year.

Our lives have traveled both divergent and parallel courses in the 23-odd years we've known each other: both of us started out doing theatre when we first moved to Seattle, but Colleen quickly dropped out, and spent the next several years focusing on her alcohol issues (she's been clean-and-sober for 20 years now, and in fact Thursday was her anniversary), then having a son, Dorian, who she's been raising as a single mom for the past 14 years. For the last five or six years she's been working in local choral groups, and was just accepted as a member of the Seattle Symphony Chorale, which gives me a really good excuse to attend events there now.

Somehow or other, she's developed the notion that I "saved her life" some two decades back, when her drinking problem came to a head, and she got herself into AA (she actually said as much to someone on the phone while we were driving to try to catch a matinee after lunch, so this isn't just hyperbole on my part). I don't recall a lot of details from the period, but I do know I spent a lot of time talking to her about options, and basically just being supportive as a friend. So, while "life saving" might be a bit of a stretch from my perspective, in this case it's really hers that counts, and that's the way she sees it. Sometimes I guess, just "being there" is exactly what the situation requires.

(We didn't get to see the movie, as strangely the advertised matinee didn't seem to actually be happening, so instead we ended up going to The Frye Art Museum to view the very weird and creepy Henry Darger exhibit, and play the very amusing and percussive Trimpin sound sculpture.)

In any case, things have been going pretty well for her the past few years, or so I thought, so it was a bit surprising to hear about some other things going on of which I was previously unawares. Still, she's come through the other side, once again, and it was just good to spend a bit of time catching up and reconnecting.

Friday night was another box office for The Show, after which I was roped into participating in an impromptu recording session to read the "lost Cherub episode" (look for it on the soon-to-be-released Cherub Season I & II Extra-Super Deluxe Double DVD, coming soon no doubt to all fine purveyors of online merchandizing - or at least this one). On Saturday I attended the annual Genius Awards Ceremony, followed by strike for The Show (wherein all the physical aspects of the production are disassembled) and the traditional "Annex Check Ceremony", wherein we show our love and gratitude to the cast and crew for all their hard work and dedication.

In addition, spent a few hours on Friday and Saturday roaming a couple neighborhoods in the pursuit of a little art project I'm working on for an upcoming "Annex Company Art Show" that we'll be running in our gallery space during the run of our next production. Unfortunately, while I was out-and-about the chill autumn air decided to deposit some wee beasties in my sinus cavities, and I ended up spending most of Sunday fighting off a nascent case of the nasties. Feeling better today, so think I nipped them in the bud.

Still no word on "Little Nellie", although I presume the dealer will contact me when she's back from her near-death experience. Not surprisingly, no word from SPD either; given recent local news articles on City Council proposals to significantly increase manpower levels in the Department, one might conclude that non-injury hit-and-run cases - even those where the perpetrator should be relatively easy to identify - aren't exactly landing at the top of my local precinct's list of priorities.

So, how was YOUR week?

Posted byCOMTE on 11:47 AM

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