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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

(Almost) No Radio In Car

I hate getting robbed. It's probably the closest I'll (hopefully) ever get to being physically violated, and the anxiety I feel when it happens is enough to tell me that I do not EVER want to experience anything more traumatic - at least when it comes to personal assaults. The really infuriating thing about it is that I was sitting inside Theater Schmeater at the time it happened, and was literally less than 30 feet away when it went down.

Now, I'm not a rich guy, I don't drive an expensive car, and to me losing $500 worth of CD's represents a pretty sizeable hit. Plus, it's not like I can just go out and replace some of this stuff. A fair amount of it was imports, limited editions & out-of-production material that will be extremely difficult, not to mention expensive to replace. And then there's the fact that I get so wound up over an assault to my personal property that I can't sleep for several nights in a row. Plus, I'm just really, really angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry. The only teeny ray of sunshine to come out of the whole episode is knowing that try as they might, the bastards weren't able to pry the CD player out of the dashboard, although it'll no doubt carry the scars of the attempt for quite some time.

When this has happened in the past, I lost what were really more-or-less inconsequencials; music tapes or CD's, a few small electronic devices, and once all of my headshots & resumes (I guess they thought the briefcase might contain something valueable). This time however, whomever it was may have just picked the wrong car to rip-off, as one of the items taken was the laptop on-loan to me by the IRS. So now, not only are they guilty of Car Prowling, but if (oh, and I hope that turns into a "when") they're caught, they'll be on the receiving end of a felony "theft of government property" rap that'll be a lot harder to plea out of than a simple B&E.

Of course, catching the rat-bastards depends on several things, not the least of which is the amount of time and effort the SPD is willing to put into investigating the incident. I'm sure to the typical precinct cop this is the sort of dime-a-dozen crime that ends up very low on their priority list. After all, busting car-prowling scum while they're trying to pawn stolen merchandise is difficult; ticketing jaywalking tourists outside The Pike Place Market is so much easier. So, I may have to depend on doing some of the legwork myself if there's going to be even the remotest chance of nailing these jerks. Actually, I've already done some of this by going around to a bunch of used CD shops on CapHill, The U District, Fremont & lower Q.A., hoping against hope that the suckers will try to do a quick sell-off of the musical stuff. Everyone was very nice, and quite sympathetic (some even gave me very good advice about other places to check), but none were very optimistic about my chances of getting my stuff back, or even of catching the perps. They just get too many people coming through their doors on a daily basis, and even with some of the more esoteric material on my list, there's simply no way the average store clerk can be that vigilant.

Still, it's nice to think of these vermin walking into one of these stores, plonking down three Fruit CD's and having some eagle-eyed counterperson recognize them as having been on a certain list. I wish I could be there to see the look on their faces when a friendly SPD person suddenly taps them on the shoulder and hauls them off to the pokey. And THEN, I'd like to see them clog their jeans when they find out they're also looking at doing extra time for stealing from the U.S. Government.

I mean, a fellow can dream, can't he?

Posted byCOMTE on 3:00 PM

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